A Chumash lesson captured!

Sometimes, a lesson comes alive with the kind of energy and excitement that are generated not from run-of-the-mill teacher-students interactions but rather out of a shared adventure of learning and discovery.

One such lesson, with a Yr.5 group, has been captured in the following image.  As we studied Shemos 6:26,27, together with Rashi’s comments, we became increasingly aware of layers of meaning that had not initially caught our attention.  If you look at those pesukim and accompanying Rashis yourself, and then at these notes that represent our discussion, you may get a sense of the learning journey we enjoyed.

I made these notes on a regular whiteboard, as our analysis progressed and deepened; towards the end of the lesson, the children  asked me to preserve this record of our discussion before the whiteboard would be wiped clean, so after the lesson I photographed it.  In the next lesson I gave the pupils print-outs of the image, we discussed it a little more and individual children consolidated and demonstrated their understanding by ‘being teacher’ and talking us all through the notes.  I asked the children to take the sheet home and explain it to their parents; they were pleased and excited to do so, not least because it was very much the outcome of their own involvement and thoughtful contributions.

Look out for rich learning in your own lessons that’s worth capturing and sharing.  It’s a great way to give parents a little extra nachas!

Shemos 6,26-27