TS JLP Tefillah Enrichment (lower KS2)

…and now a way to make your davening

more thoughtful,

          more meaningful…

                    …and more powerful!

Click anywhere on this image:

See below, under the image, for guidance on using this Tefillah Enrichment tool.



Guidance for Using the Tefillah Enrichment Tool

A little time given to reading through these guidelines will help you to use the tool effectively.


Here you will find some of my personal thinking that led me to build this device.


Here you can see the Tefillah Enrichment Tool in action:

Tefillah Enrichment 1

You can see that I have it open in two separate windows: the left window is displaying the main page, which I gently scroll down as we move through the different elements, and the right window is showing the Tefillah Words, scrolled to words that one of the children has chosen as our focus for the particular morning’s davening.
When we come across the displayed Tefillah Words, or any words related to those displayed, the children put their hands up, just for a moment, while they continue davening.  This keeps them really focused on their siddurim as they daven because they are looking out for the selected Tefillah Words.  We can look for two or (maximum) three words, and then the children need to be really alert.
Tefillah Enrichment 2