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A poignant thought for Rosh Hashanah from Rav Asher Weiss, shlito

September 2020     /     Rosh Hashanah 5781
Including reflections on Covid.


A very beautiful and important interview with Rav Asher Weiss, shlito:

HaRav Asher Weiss shlito in Conversation with R’ Shlomo Katz

In this interview from 2021, HaGaon HaRav Asher Weiss שליט”א shares his wisdom on a range of important issues.  This is very valuable watching.  But aside from the specific content, it’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy and be enriched and inspired by watching, listening to and learning from a Gadol BeYisroel.


Rav Asher Weiss, shlito:

A Short Idea for Leil HaSeder  (watch the video)


Inspiration for running your Pesach Seder:

Rabbi Moshe Hauer: “My Table is an Embassy of my Father’s”

Interview from 2021


Difficulties facing yeshiva boys in prewar Poland

A short film.


The Daf And Rav Meir Shapiro

A short film.


A wonderful tale about Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman

‘The Rabbi and the Paratroopers’  ~  truly inspirational !


Why I am a Jew

Rabbi Sacks       Click here and play the video.


Rashi: A Light After the Dark Ages

A fantastic animated movie about the life of Rashi.


Rambam: The Story of Maimonides

A fantastic animated movie about the life of Rambam.


Israel Defying the Odds

A small place making a big difference.

by Rabbi Ephraim Shore


Thank Israeli Soldiers:     http://thankisraelisoldiers.org/


Specia3 image from Aish.com

Rabbi Noah Weinberg, ztzl: A Tribute
A wonderful film about the late, great Rosh Yeshiva of Aish HaTorah
First Yahrzeit Tribute

Rabbi Noah Weinberg of Blessed Memory
Tributes     Eulogies     His teachings


Rabbi  Lord Jonathan Sacks / at www.hidabroot.com

Rabbi Lord Sacks - Faith


Shaya Hits a Home Run – A True Story

Watch this, change the way you think.

Then, play it to your pupils, discuss it with them,
and change the way they think as well.


SORRY – a short Aish film for Yom Kippur


Inspiration from the tragedy in Mumbai

What can I do?  Do a good deed and light up the world.

“In your merit, I am a Jew.”
A Letter Sent to Rabbi Rosenberg, Father of Rivky Holtzberg

Senseless Love, by Chana Weisberg:
a stirring film, inspired by the Mumbai tragedy

Various works by Chana Weisberg


Chief Rabbi Lau image from http://www.chabad.org.uk

Chief Rabbi Lau: a short autobiographical film


Achieving Change Through Torah


Simple to Remember.com
This is a fantastic collection of easy links to all kinds of material on Judaism.
See the free audio downloads, including:
The new complete Free Rabbi Akiva Tatz MP3 library:
“The Julian Solomon Library”
With permission from Rabbi Tatz.


Video: the LagBa’Omer celebrations at Meron

Tzidkat Rashbi Lag B’Omer in Miron
This wonderful video about the LagBa’Omer celebrations at Meron
highlights the incredible scale of the event,
the enormous joy of the participants,
the great atmosphere of achdut ~ togetherness ~
…and, of course, so mu
ch food!


Rabbi Hershel Schacter, former president of the Rabbinical Council of America,
tells of coming along with the Rav, Rabbi Yosef Ber Soloveitchik, ztzl,
to visit the Lubavitcher Rebbe, ztzl, in 1980. 

The Rav, ztzl, meets the Rebbe, ztzl 

or try this link if that doesn’t work


Studying in Berlin at the same time with the Rebbe, ztzl,
was Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveichik, ztzl;
his students heard from him about his encounters with the Rebbe, ztzl, in Berlin.


A great article about the Rebbe ztz”l and the Rav ztz”l


Three of his students tell of these encounters.

TheRebbeinBerlinimage from http://www.chabad.org


The Animated Talmud
A beautiful resource for introducing students to Torah SheB’Al Peh ~
Breathtaking clarity, simplicity; exceptional quality; rich content;
delightful to watch, unique resource and learning tool.


Specia2  image from The New York Times

The Shimon Waronker Story – amazing!


Specia1  image from Lookstein.org

Nechama Leibowitz:
Personal Reflections

by Rabbi Ian Shaffer

  • A brief summary of the life and contribution
    of Nechama Leibowitz to the world of Torah study.
  • Why did Moshe break the tablets?
  • The comments of Rav Abramsky ztz”l and Rav Ovadiah Yosef ztz”l.Source at YU Torah Online


A Rational Approach to
the Torah’s Divine Origin

Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen
( ‘movie version’ )



“The Torah is aware of its uniqueness and unabashedly offers this challenge to every Jew who has lived since Sinai:

You might inquire about times long past, going back to the time God created man on earth [exploring] one end of the heavens to the other. See if anything as great as this has ever happened, or if the like has ever been heard. Has any nation ever heard God speaking out of fire, as you have, and still survived? (Devarim 4:32–33)”


Specia4  image from http://www.chabad.org

12 Tammuz Gathering
with the Lubavitcher Rebbe, ztz”l

Footage from the Rebbe’s 1985 gathering in celebration of the birthdate (in 1880) of his father-in-law, the Sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, R. Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, and the Sixth Rebbe’s release from Soviet incarceration (1927). The Sixth Rebbe was imprisoned for spreading Judaism in the Soviet Union.

Look at the programme to the right of the film to see the event’s structure.

This is an extraordinary recording, informative and compelling.
I’m not a ‘Chabadnik,’ but one does not need to be one to appreciate the Rebbe’s Torah greatness and purity of spirit, and be impressed with his energy and stamina.

Also watch this one:

Farbrengen with the Rebbe—Tammuz 12, 5741 (1981)

In this recording, “The Rebbe draws lessons on the urgent need for children to be raised with the knowledge of a Higher Being, an “eye that sees and ear that hears” everything they do. He also cautions that a society that ignores its responsibility to educate its children about the existence of G‑d risks losing its bearings.”


This is a lesson about Yom Hazikaron, in a Chareidi school.

The teacher skillfully deals with a subject to which his students would rarely or never have been exposed, certainly not in this way.  Beautifully put together, and a really mature, sincere response from the boys.


Ro’i Klein ztz”l:   Hero   ~   Inspiration

The Man

The Book:

“With All Your Heart – Insights into the Inner World of Israeli Hero Major Ro’i Klein”

This book contains the thoughts and writings of Ro’i Klein, much based on the thought of Rav Kook.  The book’s small physical size is deceptive – the Torah in this volume is deep, powerful, inspiring.


A very special tribute,

In Memory of Harav Yehuda Amital zt”l
(movie prepared by Har Etzion talmidim
Yehonatan Weinberger and Ehud Roth)

Rav Amital

click here: www.haretzion.org/ and scroll down page to see video,

“In Memory of Harav Amital ztl”

or click here for youtube link


A Conversation with Rabbi Brovender

from the ‘Profiles of Faith’ series, by Soli Yisrael Foger

Rabbi Brovender

My own Rosh Yeshivah, Rabbi Chaim Brovender shlito, in conversation with Soli Yisrael Foger.

A wonderfully frank, open, personal and honest exchange.  Mr. Foger asks deep questions, listens to the answers, interprets them, then invites Rabbi Brovender to further develop his thoughts.  Watch the whole thing if you can – lots of gems here.


Theme From Schindler’s List
conducted by John Williams
featuring Yitzchak Perlman

This is just so inspiring.
Watch, listen,
think about all the history
that inspired this music.


(and skip any adverts!)

Yitzchak Perlman.PNG


Here is a link to an amazing video:


Put on your seatbelts now!  You are going to be travelling at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second)!

Listen out for this important line:

“It is a spectacular tapestry, so vast and diverse in its DESIGN, that the power of its CREATOR must truly surpass all human understanding.”

Go and look for miracles, yourself – from tiny to gigantic, from the smallest bacteria to the vastness of space…

…and what about the miracle of life?  Each of us is a miracle

Feel your heart beating – a miracleAny babies born recently? Miracles!
Go and enjoy the wonders of Hashem’s miraculous world!