Next Steps in Chumash

Principles of AfL (Assessment for Learning) require that we give meaningful feedback, whether oral or in writing, in order to move our students on in their learning.

See the last point at the foot of this page, and the link there.

Here are some examples of real written and oral ‘next steps’ feedback that I have given.  I put these on the wall and used them as a basis for some great discussion and meta-learning (learning about the way we learn) in Chumash;  posting these up also provided a constant reminder to the children of how I wanted them to be thinking.

Try keeping a record of the ‘next steps’ feedback that you give to your own students, and then use that for general discussion about the kind of learning that you want to be happening.

Once they get used to us pushing them, they’ll begin to push themselves!

Next Steps in Chumash (Ashk. transliterations)

Next Steps in Chumash (Sef. transliterations)

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