Teaching and Learning

In this series of videos, follow teachers as they try to improve their skills. Will they manage to teach an outstanding lesson? Watch the full videos of their journeys…


Partly based on some of the above videos, here are some tips to help you move from teaching ‘Good‘ lessons to teaching ‘Outstanding‘ lessons.


…and here is a great website for Teaching and Learning methods & ideas:   http://geoffpetty.com/

This is one of Geoff Petty’s fantastic resources:

Active Learning – 25 Ways for Teaching Without Talking (pdf)

Active Learning – 25 Ways for Teaching Without Talking (Word)


Presentation and workshop delivered at the UK National Jewish Education Conference for Primary School Teachers

Tuesday 17th January 2017 ~ 19th Tevet 5777

Outstanding Learning for Outstanding Teaching

… and not the other way around

Powerpoint for Conference 2017

Handouts for Conference 2017