Planning your Pesach Seder:  A Thought for Parents

The Importance of Preparation…for the Seder


Two videos for teachers and parents, to get you thinking about Pesach and the Seder:
  1. Rav Asher Weiss, shlito:  A Short Idea for Leil HaSeder  (watch the video)
  2. Rav Moshe Hauer, shlito:  My Table is an Embassy of my Father’s

Pesach Revision Quiz


Use this either:
1. at the start of your Pesach studies,
to get a feel for what your pupils know and to help you
launch your Pesach work, or
2. at the end of your studies, as a summative assessment.

This is also useful simply as a guide to help you decide on your learning goals, since it addresses  many important areas of learning you are likely to want to cover.

Note that the format of the questions is often designed to address
and remedy some common misconceptions.
For example, section 2, no. 6 deals with the difference between shemura
matza and ‘regular’ matza.  Is the difference that one is square and one round?
Or is it that the former is made by hand and the latter by machine?

I hope you find this useful.  Do let me know!

Seder Q&A Cards

Great for class, great for the seder!
–  Cut out these cards and use them for fun lessons
(there are loads of ways to use them in class!)
–  Use these as preparation material for a grand Pesach quiz!
–   Give a set to every pupil to use at the seder, e.g. the question
cards are given out to the children and the answer cards are
handed to parents.  Now children have plenty of questions for
the seder…and parents and other adults are  well equipped with
the answers!

Q&A Cards Video Lessons

Now you can watch lots of video lessons explaining the Seder Q&A Cards!  You will also find here a set of fantastic videos about the making of matzah, both hand-made (including one about thick, soft Sephardi matzot!) and machine-made, …and enjoy a couple of guest appearances from the Maccabeats!

My Own Haggadah

(“pick-n-mix” the different sections according to your needs / levels of ability, etc.)

Haggadah Front Cover

Pre-Seder – Bedikah & Biur  (Great section, for older classes)

Haggadah pp.1-21    *   Haggadah pp.22-31

Haggadah Work pp.1-9

The following pages are for pupils to write explanations of different areas of Hilchot Pesach.  I use “Halachos of Pesach” by Rabbi Shimon D. Eider (2 volumes) as source books.

Dinim 1   *   Dinim2   *   Dinim3   *   Pesach Calendar

Demonstration Seder, Programme and Guide

Just decide which teachers, pupils and classes are saying and singing what, write them in on the dotted lines, photocopy, hand out and enjoy a smooth demonstration seder!

Demonstration Seder