Lag Ba’Omer

   Lag Ba’Omer
         Lag Ba’Omer, and the Story of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai
         (an Aish haTorah article)
“Kupat Tzidkat Rashbi” supports the residents of Tzfat and Meron
and the many visitors who come there daily to pray.  Tzidkat Rashbi’s huge air conditioned Hachnasat Orchim food tent, together with the Chai Rotel distribution on Lag Ba’Omer, is one of the Lag Ba’Omer highlights in Meron.
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Tzidkat Rashbi Lag B’Omer in Miron
This wonderful video about the LagBa’Omer
celebrations at Meron highlights the incredible
scale of the event, the enormous joy of the participants,
the great atmosphere of
achdut ~ togetherness ~
…and, of course, so much