MFS Pesach Seder Q.&A. Cards and Videos

Use these Question and Answer cards at your seder in a range of fun ways, and get everyone involved in the learning!

Seder Q. & A. Cards for MFS

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  1. Four pages of questions;
  2. Some instructions for use at the foot of the first page;
  3. The middle page contains more ideas for using the cards in class and at your seder;
  4. Four pages of answers.


Yrs.3-4 print and cut out Questions/Answers 1-18

Yrs.5-6 print and cut out Questions/Answers 1-36

Video Lessons

Video Lesson 1 (including Question 1 and Answer 1)

Video Lesson 2 (Question 2 and Answer 2)

Video Lesson 3 (Question 3 and Answer 3)

Video Lesson 4 (Questions 4,5,6 and Answers 4,5,6)

Video Lesson 5 (Questions 7,8,9 and Answers 7,8,9)

A guest appearance by the Maccabeats!   (YouTube)

Video Lesson 6 (Questions 10,11,12 and Answers 10,11,12)


1. Hand-Made Matzah (3 videos)

1. The Story of Hand-Made Shemurah Matzah (Yahaduton)   (YouTube)

2. A Look Inside a Real Hand-Made Shemurah-Matzah Bakery (   (YouTube)

3. Sephardi Thick Soft Matzah Baking, at Od Yosef Hai Yeshiva, Hendon (UK)   (YouTube)

2. Machine-Made Matzah (2 videos)

1. Lakewood Matzoh Machine Production 2012 (Kuvien fine Photo and Video)   (YouTube)

2. Behind the Scenes at Manischewitz Matza   (YouTube)

Video Lesson 7 (Questions 13,14,15 and Answers 13,14,15)

Video Lesson 8 (Questions 16,17,18 and Answers 16,17,18)

A second guest appearance by the Maccabeats!   (YouTube)

Video Lesson 9 (Questions 19,20,21 and Answers 19,20,21)

Video Lesson 10 (Questions 22,23,24 and Answers 22,23,24)

Video Lesson 11 (Questions 25,26,27 and Answers 25,26,27)