Encyclopaedia of Torah and Middot Brainstorms

You have arrived at one of our most ambitious and exciting projects!

Whether you want to introduce a new topic or review one already studied, these ready-to-use brainstorms should be just what you need.  They’re also useful for those times when you have to teach a class without notice or to give to someone who will be covering your class!

They are all in pdf format for easy printing.  However, once your pupils have, for example, completed “Minhagim” in pairs, you can then complete “Minhagim” collaboratively with the class, pooling all of their ideas, by writing around the image of that brainstorm on an interactive whiteboard.

Another idea you might try is to have a number of groups completing different but related brainstorms and then come together to see how the different topics interrelate.
Also, instead of pupils simply writing text around the page they can draw pictures, diagrams or symbols, write references to pesukim, or write short extracts eg from Pirkei Avot, etc., etc.

Ten lines are provided on each blank brainstorm, but additional branches and layers can, of course, be added once the adrenalin of inspiration begins to flow!

Using brainstorms (otherwise known as mind maps, idea showers, etc.)  stimulates pupils’ thinking and provides them with a facility not only for recording but also for organising and interrelating different aspects of knowledge they already possess.  It is a way to literally ‘get the best out of our pupils’.  Moreover, once pupils have engaged in an exercise of this kind,
a) they are ready and keen to build on what they know, and
b) the teacher is well equipped to take the learning on from an appropriate point…
–  constructivism at its best!

Finally, you may well wonder why I have gone to the trouble of making this rather large collection of, frankly, empty documents.  The idea occurred to me after a colleague asked me for help in producing something similar using a drawing application.  I realised that many people may be pleased to have access to a comprehensive bank of pages such as these, either because they do not have the I.T. skills to make their own or simply because of the time it will save them.
Even ten minutes saved in a busy teaching day is a priceless gift.  Even if each of these is used only once or twice many hours of teacher time will have been saved, making the ‘trouble’ of making this resource very worthwhile indeed!



Tefilla brainstorm




Here are all the topics displayed in a neat image, then links to them below it:



Ahavat Chinam     Bein Adam leChaveiro     Bein Adam LeMakom

Being a Good Role Model     Being Accepting     Being Careful with what I Say

Being Caring     Being Constructive     Being Fair

Being Forgiving     Being Generous     Being Helpful

Being Kadosh     Being Polite     Being Positive

Being Rich     Being Sensitive     Being Strong

Being Thoughtful     Being Trustworthy     Being Understanding

Being Friendly     Beit Hamikdash English     Beit Hamikdash

Berachot English     Berachot     Bigdei Kehuna

Birchot Hamitzvot     Birchot Hanehenin     Birchot Hodaah Shevach

Chagei Tishri     Chagim English     Chagim     Chanukah     Chassidut

Chessed     Chumash     Derech Eretz     Eretz Yisrael     Family

Gemara     Gemilut Chassadim     Giving the Benefit     Great Rabbis

Greatness     Happiness     Honesty     Humility     Israel     Jewish Books

Jewish Jobs     Jewish Shops     Jewish Songs     Kashrut English     Kashrut

Ketuvim     Kibbud Av VaAim     Korbanot     Lag BaOmer     Life Cycle

Maasei Avot     Making a Kiddush Hashem     Meaty – Basari

Mefarshei Chumash     Middot English     Middot     Milky – Chalav

Minhagim Splash     Minhagim     Miracles for the Jewish People

Mishna     Mitzvot and Minhagim     Mitzvot Asei     Mitzvot Lo Taasei

Mitzvot     Modesty     My Favourite Chagim     My Favourite Mitzvot

Neviim     Not Being Wasteful     Parev     Pesach     Purim

Rosh Hashana     Sayings from Pirkei Avot     Sefirat HaOmer

Selflessness     Setting a Good Example     Shabbat English     Shabbat

Shalosh Regalim     Shavuot     Shemini Atzeret     Shemirat Halashon

Showing Respect     Siddur English     Siddur     Sifrei Kodesh

Sifrei Tanach     Simchat Torah     Special Shabbatot     Succot

Taaniot     Talmud     Tefilla     Thinking of Others     Torah SheBe’al Peh

Torah SheBichtav     Torah     Towns in Israel     Tzedaka English

Tzedaka     What do we learn from the Avot     Yamim Noraim

Yom HaAtzma’ut     Yom Hashoah     Yom Hazikaron     Yom Kippur

Zemirot Shabbat     A Jewish community needs


barefeet     blue & purple arrows     blue-twist

circles-chain     coloured-arrows     flowery

footsteps     pink-clouds     puzzle-pieces

rainbow-twist     speech-bubbles     splashes-of-colour

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