Chanukah Curricula Companion  –   for a little help with teaching Chanukah.

This document is intended as:

– a comprehensive teaching aid

– an aid to planning not only the teaching and learning of knowledge but 

  also understanding and “ability to…” 

 Chanukah – laws
 Chanukah Quiz Cards:  Ashkenazi transliterations   /  Sefardi / Israeli transliterations

Chanukah Halachot, Chayei Adam 
Chanukah Candle-lighting and songs sheet

Pen Pal in the Past
You have a pen friend who is in Ancient Israel right now, experiencing the
hardships of living under Syrian Greek rule.  Read his letter, then write back.
Try to give him the kind of advice he asks for in his letter.
I’m sure the idea is not a new one, but it is effective in making the story accessible
and meaningful to the pupils, who enjoy the discussion and work that flows from it.
When using this “letter” you must emphasize the need to imagine that this pen pal
is living through the Syrian Greek persecution ‘right now.’  In this way, pupils will
more easily relate to the author of the letter and, by extension, to the whole
historical context in which the events of Chanukah took place.
Your job is also to get your pupils to relate in a concrete way to the task
of replying to Alexander’s letter with advice and chizuk.
Click here to see your pen-friend’s letter:   Chanukah letter

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