About TorahSchool

TorahSchool started life as a small project, and then quite unexpectedly grew into a large resource for Kodesh teachers all over the world.  Such is the power of the World Wide Web.

I am always delighted to meet Kodesh teachers from around the UK for the first time who thank me for resources on TorahSchool which they have enjoyed using and which have made their lives easier.

The big shock was when I received an email from Melbourne, Australia some years ago. It had not occurred to me that my efforts could benefit teachers and pupils on the other side of the world.  Since then I have received emails from Israel, the USA, Canada and Mallorca.

I hope you will also find resources here that help you in your work, perhaps saving you a little time in preparation, and providing positive and effective learning experiences for the children.

Finally, please be aware that you will find I sometimes use Ashkenazi pronunciation (in audios / transliterations) and sometimes Sefardi / Israeli pronunciation.  This simply reflects the different contexts in which I have worked.

Behatzlachah Rabbah!

Jeremy Richards