Probably The Greatest ‘Learning Mind Map’ in the World!

Learning Mind-Map


This Learning Mind-Map began as a discussion with a Year 5 class about effective learning.  As the children suggested ideas I began to build a mind map on the (regular) whiteboard, and then I took a photo of the board at the end of the lesson.

In the next few lessons, even as we continued our normal Chumash learning, we suggested additional ideas for the mind map whenever something else came to mind and I then went away and added the new content digitally to the image I had captured.

In this final version you can clearly see the original content that began life on a classroom whiteboard… but ultimately I built it up with considerably more material.

I hope you find this useful, either for your own teaching or for sharing with colleagues or students.  It could also be used as a basis for training.

Here are some contexts in which the mind map could be used:
– in teacher-training, to efficiently introduce various forms of teaching and learning
by individual teachers, as a stimulus for more powerful and effective practice
– in staff meetings, to prompt and support discussion and ideas-sharing around teaching-and-learning issues
as a springboard for Inset sessions
– as a tool for focusing Performance Management interviews
to support CPD

You will see that I have included some references, to enable you to do a bit of further reading and research.

Here it is again.


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