TS JLP Yr.3 Chumash Mastery

New Yr.3 Jewish Literacy Programme Chumash Mastery Booklets

JLP Chumash – Beginning and Day 1 TS

JLP Chumash – Day 2 TS

JLP Chumash – Day 3 TS

JLP Chumash – Day 4 TS

JLP Chumash – Day 5 TS

JLP Chumash – Day 6 TS


The process for teaching each pasuk with these units is approximately as follows (but you may adapt this as you wish):
1. the children should find and circle the shorashim (green) and prefixes / suffixes (red)
2. they should try to find the shoresh / shorashim in the pasuk and write it / them in the boxes on the right hand side (they could write this on their mini-whiteboards until you have confirmed the correct shoresh – up to you)
3. they can try to write the ‘literal’ translations on the lines (again, they could write these first in rough)
4. you can go over the literal translations with them, then challenge them to decide on the best smooth translations
5. the final stage is to write the smooth translations.  They can decide on the best smooth translation of each pasuk, based on their knowledge of the literal translations and discussion you have had with them.
6. complete the exercises at the end of the booklets.  Give as much / as little guidance as you wish for completion of these exercises.  Once the children have done one or two units, however, they will be familiar with them and will not need much guidance.
You could, of course, add reinforcement / consolidation exercises of your own.


Although this method takes time, it does really embed the skills, giving the children a firm foundation for moving more quickly with different teaching & learning styles in future.