Our days are filled with Berachot, from dawn to dusk, so it is very important that we understand why we are saying them, what we should say at different times and what the Berachot mean.

1.  The Berachot Workbook

The first element in this section is really very special.  This is a Berachot workbook, packed with loads to learn and loads to do…and you can look at every page right here!

So, without further a do,
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Berachot Workbook, from my upload to

A Berachot Poem
Here is a little poem that I think I wrote for the Berachot book, but I forgot all about it until I discovered it among some papers!
I hope you like it!


If the World is Hashem’s…

If “the world is Hashem’s
And all that it contains”
Then what belongs to us?
Surely, nothing now remains!

How can we enjoy the world
Eat food, drink drink, and smell the flowers,
When all these things that we are taking
Are not even ours?

Well, it’s quite true that first of all
Hashem owns all He made,
And were it not for Berachot
Then that’s how it would have stayed,

But, thankfully, to make Creation ours
There is a way…
Oh, no!  We needn’t pay!
We simply need to say, “Thank You!”
With Berachot every day!

(See also page 26 in The TorahSchool Berachot Workbook)


2. Shiurim on Hilchot Berachot,
based on shiurim by, and with kind permission from
Dayan Yonason Abraham, shlita
       (London Beth Din, UK;  Rav of Kehillas Toras Chaim)

I was given the honour (and challenge!) of transcribing Dayan Abraham’s wonderful Mishnah Berurah shiurim.  These synopses were then disseminated to the Kehillah. I took up this privilege for as long as I could manage to devote myself adequately to the task.  These shiurim give the reader a taste (excuse the pun) of the clarity, breadth, depth and sweetness (and that one) in the Dayan’s delivery.

1.  Deciding which brochoh to say
2.  Which brochoh on sugar
3.  Sweets and liquorice
4.  Olive oil, nutmeg and peppercorns
5.  Eretz and Adomoh
6.  Uncultivated fruits, and ginger
7.  Tekias Shofar 1
8.  Tekias Shofar 2
9.  Yom HaKippurim – Se’udo Hamafseskes
10. Shehakol 1, Sheva Brochos
Shehakol 2
12. Ikar veTafel
13. Vegetables, raw and cooked 1
14. Vegetables, raw and cooked 2
15. Blossom 1
16. Priority in brochos, with source texts
      See this video on Priority in Berachot: